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A Twitter hack for the Typo...matic

Tonight 9/21 I'll have the Typo...matic online searching for tweets with the following #tags:

There will also be a google hangout where you can watch it type away live!

I spent the evening at CCCKC tinkering with TTYtter and some bash scripting and coreutils that were new to me...
The result is the world's worst implementation of a polling Twitter search that can feed new tweets to any other bash command. I'll be hooking this up to the Typo...matic at the next public event I lug it out to...

I have a chunk of c code that talks to the Typo...matic's Arduino and it takes as arguments the serial port and a file of text to print. So the end result of the script below is a text file of recent tweets matching the #ccckc hash tag.

Feel free to gank this script and do dumb things with it. I'm not proud of it from a technical standpoint but for a hack it'll do.