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Typo...matic (Part 3)

My Selectric II project is finally 'done'. Here's a demo video. Please read the previous posts for more details and try to come visit the KC Maker Faire on June 23/24 if you can. Edit: Here's a great video explaining the Selectric typerwriter(s) mechanisms: This was my first attempt at serial via straight C code (gcc) in Linux. Needless to say my code is ugly, full of failed attempts to get POSIX serial communication working and bad coding practices. There's a great guide here by the way... I'll get it cleaned up and added (Arduino and C code) to this post as soon as I can but... The rest of this week and next week I'll be working on a sumobot for the competition at the faire. I'll post about it too...If you've got a mini sumo bot and you're in the area come and compete (mostly for bragging rights) we don't have enough entries yet!