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Happy Holidays! --- Celtic Knot Coasters

Time for another post not about robots... Most projects are on the back burner because I've been poking about with an Ubuntu Server, Drupal and CiviCRM for CCCKC . I decided to make some coasters as a gift a family member. I went to Michaels to pick up the wood circle blanks, and Hobby Lobby had 4 inch cork coasters. I used one coat of stain before using the method I've described here to do the knot designs. This coat keeps the Sharpie ink from bleeding too much. When the designs were done I used 2 more coats of the stain and glued the wood disks to the cork coasters. Pictures taken with my EVO and the Droid Tripod Mount (yes it works with the EVO too!). I'm still on the fence about the Gorilla Glue. Hopefully it holds...I'm not sure I used enough. I tested one of them overnight with a puddle of water on the stained surface and it seemed to be sufficiently water proof.