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DIY Droid Tripod Mount

I've been tinkering about with making panoramic pictures lately and when I'm out and about my Droid is the only camera I have. But taking panorama quality pictures with it is pretty tough. So last night I whipped together a very simple tripod mount. It's pretty self's what you need: Wood, I used 3/8" pine from the scrap pile. Small screws Wood glue Drill and bits (1/4" for standard tripod screw) Saw (I prefer the small teeth of a hack saw for little stuff like this.) Paint I had some in progress pics but Windows ate them. Essentially the only part I measured accurately was the slot the droid slides into, other than that it was just eyeballed. Two small screws hold the upright pieces (wood glue also). I used some paint I had from a robot project. Tripod screw threads right into the wood. I spent nothing upfront on this project...I'd estimate cost around $1 of material and maybe 30 minutes time went into it. It fits quite snu