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Wooden Puzzle Box 2 (Part 1 of 2)

I'm working on a second wooden puzzle box... It has taken forever to get the design right in Sketchup (five six attempts)...trying to minimize the number of different components while only using a single type of wood... 1.1 inch x 0.2 inch trim. I'll keep taking pictures as I go and make another post later.

This design is open source, go nuts. The Sketchup file is available here. I've gotten the design down to 21 different piece lengths. A bill of materials made using the CutList plugin for Sketchup is here.

Final thought: I hate the lumber industry. If you say a piece of wood measures 1.25 by .25 inches, how the hell do you get off selling something not even close to that size? At what point did gross inaccuracy become okay?


  1. Hey,

    I have a few questions i'd like to send your way. Do you have an email I can grab you on? My email is r(dot)gibson(at)farnell(dot)com