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MakeKC: Mini Maker Faire

So I'll be participating in my first (Mini) Maker Faire next month. I'll have most of the projects from previous posts there with me on display. I don't know exactly where I'll be, probably get that email in the next few weeks. Should be some good projects out there.

In the time between now and the fair I'll be working feverishly to finish my GameBoy project. The idea has picked up some new traffic in the previous post's comments and on the forums so I've got some new data and help in that respect. New data is below and I've ordered a logic analyzer so I can get even better info.
1 Frame of GB LCD Data

More Data


  1. One thing about this data that doesn't fit with my current "best guess" is that Pin17 is high way too often to be HORSYNC.
    So either pin17 is not HORSYNC or the data is incorrect.

    What are you thoughts?