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Thursday, March 25, 2010

GameBoy (Classic) Work In Progress Part 2

This is mostly just to get some pictures up. I'm just getting this posted so I can try and refocus on thesis...I should be so easily sidetracked... Any future developments will be posted in the forum first...I'll post here as facts become more concrete.

The farthest I got with this setup was a man-in-the-middle setup (as shown below) where I could intercept the CPU's commands to the LCD passing them through the microcontroller and then to the LCD board. I had to move up to a ~11MHz crystal (not shown) on the microcontroller just to come close to allowing the signals to pass through unhindered. The best I managed was a slightly distorted picture...I'll need something faster to actually read the signals so I can reverse engineer them. I've also removed the GameBoy's oscillator so I could clock the GB at a slower speed. This did work but I haven't taken a ton of time to work on the coding side.

The goal when I can work on it again is simply to replace the CPU PBC outright. I will keep the LCD, Voltage Converter and Audio Jack PCBs interfacing them with a newer microcontroller. This would allow all manner of interesting hacks...I could use it as a wireless remote for things, a desktop clock w/ USB, get some emulated or custom games running...endless possibilities. For now I have to put it in a box and try to forget it.

Test Setup
Breadboard Setup
Audio Jack Front Audio Jack Back Voltage Converter
Voltage Converter