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The competition that wasn't

Well unfortunately I was the only person to enter the competition officially, so it was canceled. To appease the robot gods' thirst for robotic mayhem Sparkfun morphed the events this weekend into a robot building/hacking/soccer match shindig. Making the 8 hr drive (one-way) was totally worth it even without the competition. I was able to demo "Spin Cycle" to those attending. Most of the day was spent on a class detailing the steps necessary to build an Ardubot for several people who had never made their own robot before. I've been a loyal customer and follower of for at least 3 years. It was great to finally meet some of the people behind the handles.

I'm frazzled so no more text. Here is a video of my bot in action, and some pics from the trip.

"Spin Cycle"

The view from not even a mile away from SparkFun's building. (So...jealous)

The fancy sign.
Some nifty robot tracking (webcam+IR LEDs+ projector+codes=awesome).
The famous giant clock.