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Motor Control Circuit

Update: This circuit doesn't work (thanks Sparkfun Forums folks) revised version will be in next post.

So I've worked out the motor controller circuit I'll be using. I've ordered the components too. Hopefully when I get them it will work as planned without too much modification.

Or the Google Doc

The major components:
NPN Switching Transistors

It's less complicated than the circuit makes it look... It's really 4 identical circuits (which I show in lower part of schematic) attached to the MOSFETs of an H bridge. The optoisolators (PS2501) are also a single package so wiring won't be as complicated either. Please feel free to comment or suggest changes... I've never built a circuit for high voltage/current motors like this before and could really use another set of eyes on this. (Especially if it looks correct, I need positive reinforcement as much as criticism :)